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With hundreds of extremely happy patients, and many thousands of kilos lost, we lead the way when it comes to exceptional allied health care pre and post-op.


We are committed to Supporting You on this exciting lifestyle change!

This lifestyle change can be intimidating at times. We are here to make it as rewarding and exciting as it should be! You are in extremely good hands with our dedicated team of experienced Clinical Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists and Dieticians. We take the time and patience to understand your journey so far and provide expert guidance with your new adventure that lays ahead.

  • Rebates on all sessions through Private Health cover and possibly Medicare
  • The most experienced practitioners working directly with YOU
  • We will set detailed goals TOGETHER and make them happen!
  • We will resolve potential injuries, aches and pains before they begin
  • We have exercise groups where you can meet people on the same journey as you

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23:38 15 Feb 17
I have been seeing Chris for a couple of month and would highly recommend him as an exercise physiologist. I started seeing Chris due to some shoulder pain and numbness in my left arm as well as wanting to improve my overall strength following the birth of my first baby in 2016. I am very happy to report that my shoulder and arm have improved and that my body is coping better with the day to day wear and tear of carrying my baby. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable, clear on his instructions and enthusiastic. I am very grateful for his expertise.
Robyn Cunningham
Robyn Cunningham
10:32 05 Nov 16
I have been seeing Chris over the past couple of months to help with a long standing shoulder problem and arthritic knee. The exercises he has given me are helping to improve both of these issues and are also improving my overall strength, balance and fitness. Chris is very knowledgeable and very skilled in explaining both the exercises and the rationale for doing them. To add to this he is also very personable and very enthusiastic .....He's great to work with I highly recommend him as an exercise physiologist.
Deirdre Hurley
Deirdre Hurley
07:55 08 Nov 16
I have been working with Chris since August this year. I had lots of lower limb atrophy and compensation in my mobility (walking favouring my strong leg ) post a tibia plateau fracture and 3 operations. He has developed a program for me to develop strength and improve mobility fabulously. Working on core strength and lower limbs. He is patient, diligent, knowledgeable, informative and supportive. So I'm off to play social soccer tonight. 🙂 As a mother of 4 kids and a nurse, soccer is a bonus to functionality. Thank you for the journey. Sláinte
Tammy Scholefield
Tammy Scholefield
08:38 04 Nov 16
I cannot thank Chris enough. I had bursitis in my shoulder. I couldn't do any upper body exercises..and even stopped group fitness classes..until Chris!!!! Within a few minutes Chris pinpointed exactly which muscles were weak and over compensating. He worked with me for a couple of months and explained each muscle and exercise in detail so I understood what I should and shouldn't be doing. After a couple of weeks I was back in group fitness and a couple months lifting weights again. I found him extremely easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and accommodating to my personal circumstances. Highly recommend Chris to anybody.
Anthony Bryant
Anthony Bryant
06:13 08 Nov 16
I have been working with Chris for close to 12 weeks mainly focusing on mobility and technique. I have a lot of small injuries from wear and tear and at 40 i wanted to look at doing things the right way and not just going through the motions. Chris developed a program with some very simple exercises to start to increase my flexibility and strength. I have gone from struggling to squat or dead lift 50kg with poor technique to comfortably dead lifting and squat over 100kg with near perfect technique. This is all down to Chris attention to detail I cant recommend Chris highly enough, he is very approachable and knows his stuff.
09:06 23 Mar 17
I have suffered from plantar fasciitis and general stability issues for many years. Chris's extensvie knowledge of physiology and his encouraging and professional approach has enabled me to finally overcome these issues and improve my general well being. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to improve their health and/or resolve any physiological problems .
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Evolution is Simply The Best When it Comes to Your Health

  • Our staff have all spent at minimum 5 years at university completing their undergraduate and post-graduate degrees
  • We specialise in pre and post-bariatric surgery
  • We have developed a number of packages for you to get the most out of the biggest lifestyle change you are ever likely to experience
  • We make make each patients weight loss experience as permanent, sustainable, pain free and empowering as possible
  • Many Patients seek out the services of personal trainers (which we are not), a trainers intentions may well placed but training often lead to injuries and undesirable results / complications.
  • Clinical Exercise Physiologists have a deep understanding of the anatomical, physiological and medical knowledge required to safely introduce and progress exercise appropriately


Why Are Our Patients Soooo Happy With Our Services?!

We have seen hundreds of patients over the years that have gone on a similar journey like YOU. They all have extremely positive feedback about their experiences with us.

  • Our clients lose weight at the fastest and medically safest rate
  • We educate and empower you to be able to continue with healthy habits over the long term
  • We have both male and female staff if you have a preference
  • We love seeing your smiles and we make sure you are wearing one all the time when you’re with us
  • We are the medical side of exercise and understand that there might be a few other things going on

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